#Notetoself on my second pregnancy & labor

I am actually on the third trimester of my second pregnancy and few more weeks before I go to Laborville. Yes, just few more weeks! I cannot help but think about labor once again. I would say that the pain of childbirth is real and well, painful, but I’d also say that it is tolerable. I believe that God designed a woman’s body to be stretched that way, and by His grace, endure it through delivery. So relax if you are reading this and you’re pregnant.

Last month, a pregnant woman asked me what advice I could give her about childbirth. I told her my birth story, threw in a few tips and when I was rushing to meet another set of people, I told her, makalimutan mo na ang lahat ng sinabi ko wag lang itoDo Not Baby Your Wounds.

I do not want to sugarcoat the things that go with childbirth such as pain, blood, needles, muscle tears, stitches, etc. For me, it is essential for a pregnant woman to hear those things, so she’d know what to expect and avoid shock once she enters labor. With anesthesia or without, there will be wounds. Again, do not baby your wounds. Tayo ka agad, ligo agad, lakad agad. I gave birth at exactly 9:21 pm and I was transferred to a regular room by 12 midnight. The following morning, I stood up, walked and took a shower on my own. I asked permission from my nurse though. The relief it gave me was liberating! With my wounds still fresh, it was possible to move, go on with life and enjoy my baby together with my husband.

It is important to decide on this early on, not babying your wounds. Because a wounded person tend to be sluggish. It is easy to focus on your hurts and wallow in your emotions. It is a fight!

One equally important note though, it is never by my own might or power but only by the Spirit that the Lord provides. If we rely on our own abilities, we will fail or we might just get frustrated. When we cling to the One Who holds and owns our lives, we are empowered. When we focus on Him Who gave us this purposeful event of childbirth, we are assured. We can do all things through Christ Who gives us strength.

Then we realize that we are never on our own. Yes, our husbands can be there for us, family and friends but ultimately it is the grace of God that will enable us. My husband stayed with me in the birthing room all throughout the process and God used him as well to be my wonderful encourager.

There is grace to quickly recover. Wounds will heal eventually. I pray that your childbirth experience, no matter how unique it is, will allow you to see how life is a gift and the Giver of it is a generous God who heals, enables, assures and empowers. I pray that you’ll take on the abounding grace richly provided for you to enter your new season of motherhood, in your first and even to your second, third or fourth pregnancy!



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