Playlist on a gloomy day

Happy December 1! It’s indeed the season to be jolly. High of 22 Fahrenheit today, as it is always chilly in the windy city of Chicago. The season is marked by withered leaves, trees without leaves, dried grass, almost everything is brown. It is still the transition from fall to winter, cold but not enough to sustain snow so it still melts with the help of some sunshine that comes once in a while. Though statistics will agree, I am not a believer of the depression that strikes people when this gloom comes. Every season has a gift. There is something special about this season, something to look forward to.

I get my dose of encouragement from what I listen to. Here are some of them, mostly you can find in youtube. I use my trusted app spotify.

When you walk in the room Live by Kari Jobe
{the title is the lyric itself…but the music you’ve got to hear! Especially the live version! It sets your heart in seeking the Lord}

Embers by Hillsong Young and Free
{the song talks about being reignited. Embers by definition are small pieces of burning or glowing coal in a dying fire, but as the song goes, God is our huge endless hope}
Spirit leading me each day
Casting a light to lead the way
My God stay the path
You call me onwards
Here in all holiness on earth
Blazing forever glorious
You’re the all consuming God
Our great unending hope

All I need is you Live in Miami by Hillsong United
{I love soaking in this song. My favorite part is the verse below, again I find the live version so much comforting and pleasing to the heart}
You hold the universe
You hold everyone on earth

Big deal podcasts by Victory Manila
This is a 4-part preaching series on finances- promise, power, placement and posterity. It deals with the real issue of money and that is not money itself but the heart. This word is so powerful and mind-blowing, uses the scripture of Deuteronomy and features the story of the Israelites coming into a land flowing with milk and honey from a land of slavery. Click here to listen.

There is so much reason to be jolly. Not the empty and temporary kind of jolly but genuine unwavering jolly. Surely we can find it in our relationship with God.

The grass withers, the flower fades, but the word of our God will stand forever. (‭Isaiah‬ ‭40‬:‭8‬ ESV)


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