New Mama Lifesavers

As i checked my pregnancy app, it is almost hard to believe that I only have 10 remaining weeks before popping into a newborn once again. While I am thinking about staying sane in the midst of endless peekaboos and cheerio-eating contests with Judah, ideas of childbirth are slowly sinking in. So help me God and bless all the nurses and my OB who will be on duty that day.


1. Nice diaper bag. Choose something that is both functional and stylish. I looove Petunia Pickle Bottom! It was given to me as a gift. I love the many pockets and the slim diaper case that you can refill. It also has a changing pad, which was very helpful when we lived in Manila because not all washrooms had changing diaper stations. I’m excited to use it again and I’m sure Judah and the little one’s things are gonna all fit in there since it has much room.
2. Nursing pillow. This saved me a lot of backaches! I would recommend all breastfeeding moms to have it. I can rest my back on the couch while baby is on the pillow, on my lap enjoying his milk party. Arm muscles can rest too since baby’s weight is on the lap, which makes it more awesome. The regular pillow tends to slide forward once you have the baby on your lap but the nursing pillow is C-shaped and hugs you that’s why it doesn’t dislodge. Without this, feeding feels like a work-out.
3. Hot shower with a calming scent. Hot water will surely soothe the sores in there. I forgot what I used before but lavender is a safe scent. Aromatherapy lavender vanilla by Bath and Body Works is a great choice to keep you calm.
4. Granola bar. It is normal to feel drained after breastfeeding. I actually felt sleepy and hungry (bad combination) after feeding Judah, not to mention that I had to do it every 2 hours! A granola bar will come in handy to fill your tummy and give you the energy that you need especially on a sleepless night. Alternatives are chocolate bars, a slice of cake or 2, burgers, fries, name it.
5. Lansinoh nipple cream. My nipples were never sore as I applied this generously before and after taking a shower and right after breastfeeding. This saved me from a lot of pain. I know some moms who started applying it weeks before giving birth. I started applying it when Judah was already out and it still was very effective.

*Please share your new mama lifesavers so I can add it to my personal list. It would be helpful for me and expecting mamas out there.

Hoping you guys have a great blessed weekend. Happy Friday!


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