While Da-dah is away, Judah will…

It’s the third day that my husband is not around. He is attending a convergence with other campus missionaries in Florida until Friday. Since day 1, Judah has figured out the difference when Dada is not around. No rough plays. No hard tickles. I wish I could snap a photo when Judah first saw him in viber video. There are just too many expressions to capture that I didn’t get to capture in a photo or video, but will be kept in my heart and memory.

~The way Judah was slightly teary-eyed looking at Daniel in the ipad screen, shouting Da-dahhh and Da-dehhh, like why are you inside the ipad.
~When Judah woke up yesterday morning and I caught him glance at where Daniel’s side of the bed is. And Dada wasn’t there. It’s usually Daniel who changes his diapers as soon as he wakes up.
~When I am talking to Daniel on the phone and Judah comes waving Hi at the phone and throwing kisses as well.
~Last night was very heartfelt. Judah saw me on viber video again and he just came over my lap and really clung to me and hugged me tightest ever in the history of our hugs. He can’t speak sentences yet but I’m sure he has been missing his Dada a lot, perhaps wondering when is he ever gonna come back. I have been telling him repeatedly, Daddy is in Florida but he will be back.

I have realized how unique a father’s love is, different from a mother’s love. When a baby is born, the father gives his child his last name for identity. A father may not have carried the baby for 9 months, but the name is just one of the first connections a father builds once the baby is out.

It’s amazing how the approval and affirmation of a father can completely seal it. When Jesus was baptized, a voice from heaven was heard. This is my beloved Son, with whom I am well-pleased, Matthew 3:17. From there, Jesus was propelled into His ministry, into the fulfillment of His calling. It’s interesting that approval and affirmation came first before Jesus’ works. There is something more about a father’s love than meets the eye. I have yet to discover more through my wonderful illustration seen at home.

Daniel makes mistakes though. There are times when he falls short of patience, like mothers do too! I have seen Daniel ask for forgiveness from Judah many times. Judah our little 1 year-old just nods in approval. The Lord knows that earthly fathers are not perfect, as some may not embrace the role of it. And the Lord cares about the fatherless generation. Ultimately, God has adopted us as sons and daughters, co-heirs with Jesus. We can look to Him, the Greatest Father in all universe who has approved of and affirmed us even before we were formed in the womb.

~we attend Parkview Christian Church on Sundays while we are here in Chicago. Judah goes to their Kids Connection while we attend the service. Always a great time.

IMG_0936-1.JPG~Daniel and Judah playing with a thread here that’s as light as cotton. Daniel blows it, Judah laughs. They do lots of fun together like this.

IMG_0943.JPG~when you have a toddler, you also say hello to cheerios.

Hope you’re havin’ a blast this mid-week! Don’t wait til weekend. Happy Wednesday!


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