The Myth of the Superwife/mom

I’ve been spending some time sweeping goldfish crackers on the floor. Sometimes I just munch them straight from the floor when they’re too many. Forget about bacteria that I learned from dent school. Five days without my husband’s helping hands in taking care of our boy toddler was all God’s grace and mercy. Thankfully my 80-year-old grandmother is still as strong as 40 (no exaggeration) so she can look after Judah while I spend about 20 minutes in the shower. My sister and my mom too were great help. I guess not having a yaya back in Manila was a good preparation. My massive growing belly made it more challenging though. Yesterday was exhaustive for me as Judah decided not to take his usual afternoon nap and was still active until 9pm.

It’s easy to get depleted of strength. We are mere humans with limitations. Superwives/moms are myths. Though I know moms/wives who can carry on a lot of tasks and it’s simply keribels (easy for them). I adore them. But at one point, they will also get exhausted. It is because we are designed to be needy in a godly way. One of the most dangerous places we could ever be is at a point where we think we are not needy. Human efforts will run empty, and it is the Lord whom we can draw strength from. We are needy, we need God.

Personally, I have my own signs and symptoms when I am nearly, if not already, running empty of strength. It’s when I easily lose my temper and patience with the people around me, when I lose sight of God’s promises, when I become more of a critic than a friend to Daniel, when I am lazy to discipline my son (which is selfishness in its core), when I still do the things I need to do with a bad attitude, when I cannot appreciate the season where God has purposed me to be, when I become more vulnerable to self-pity, wow! I could write a whole lot more!!!! Before the list gets more lengthy, I hope you’ve gotten the idea and thought about your own signs and symptoms.

Sadly, sometimes when we come to the realization that we are needy, we try to save the day or ever heard of counterfeit gods? We create or choose our own version of a savior. They are called functional saviors (Timothy Keller). It can be money, career, power, sex, a person like your spouse/kids, etc. The problem with these functional saviors is they can never give lasting fulfillment. They too will run empty.

This song title caught my attention today. “Always Enough” by Kari Jobe. Here are the lyrics.

I lift my hands to the highest of all
As I draw near
Surrender my life to Your promise, oh God
There is no other

I will find my life in You
You’re always enough
Always enough
Let the fullness of Your love
Be all I need
All I need

Consume me, come like a fire, oh God
Reign in me
For You alone will satisfy
There is no other
If I have You, I have everything
But without You, I have nothing

May the Lord fill your heart with strength that would go a loooong way and may He alone satisfy you. May you always draw near and never run dry. If you will come empty I pray that it will only lead you to Him, to refresh you and recharge you with a vibrant faith and a steadfast spirit. Clinging to Him, may you cause others to be drawn to Him as well.

Happy weekend!


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