#WifelyWednesday: no more clueless husband

We made an errand as an excuse to spend quality time as a couple- how cool is that? Without Judah and with the extra effort of not having my mind occupied about him, bringing along only kicks and jabs of this little one inside my tummy, Daniel and I sneaked in for some time alone in downtown Chicago. Immigration duties called for us last Monday. After our appointment, we were able to drive, walk around and explore the city for less than an hour. Short but sweet, definitely worth it!

We were just talking about our love languages days ago. It is easiest to receive love from a person who speaks your love language, so it is best to know what your spouse’s love language is. Then you can express your love in a manner that is best understood by him/her.

Daniel knows that I love the city more than the suburbs. I get pumped up by tall buildings, busy streets, cafes on corners, bookstores on blocks. When I asked him if we could drive the extra mile to Garrett popcorn shops, he immediately said yes. When I asked him if we could walk a bit at Magnificent Mile (Michigan Avenue), he said yes. I felt loved because Daniel, though he is as adventurous as I am, is actually stressed when driving first time in a city which is this case. He is also aware of the fact that it’s so hard to find a parking space in the city but did not bother. Daniel took the extra mile and I felt loved. As a wife, I do not always get my requests and wants but when I do, I treasure it and receive it as a gift. He hit the right spot, my love language- GIFTS!

/home/wpcom/public_html/wp-content/blogs.dir/782/32735635/files/2014/12/img_1060.jpgOne time, Daniel had to make a quick trip to Walmart for Judah’s milk. When he got back, he gave me a pack of 3 Ferreros which I know costs 99 cents. My heart melted. I felt loved. From his Florida trip last week, he got me a Christmas ornament, filled my love tank. Daniel knows my love language and he needs no second-guessing. He is not a clueless husband simply because I let him know my love language early on in our relationship. Believe me, it removes a lot of tension and unnecessary heartaches.

Happy #WifelyWednesday!


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