2014 & the Unexpected

First 2015 morning. I am still pondering on the goodness and loving-kindness of our Lord last year. While I am still praying about my “one thing” for 2015, let me share to you my husband’s blog on how to plan through your brand new year.

God has filled my 2014 with unexpecteds, showcasing His greatness, thus propelling us to greater measures of faith. And though life can sometimes feel perfect, especially when you have peace within, it is not. The Lord arms and equips us with greater strength and faith in Him through the challenges ahead. He knows exactly what is lacking in us and in our faith, and so the way we respond to testings and trials is critical.

If not for these unexpecteds that God orchestrated in my life, I would not have the lens of truth about God’s character and I might fall into a grumbling, complaining, whiny woman. (Plsss Lord do not let me be that kind of woman, though I fail many times)

Unexpected place. From the comforts of Manila, me and my husband moved to the US to do campus ministry as we believed that God has called us to. We feel like newlyweds starting anew in establishing how we live. New culture, different timezone, 4 seasons…I never thought we’d do world missions as a family. As a wife of a pastor, I thought we would stay forever in our Victory Malate home and do short-term missions when called for. Long-term missions is totally different and we’ve been blessed to be given the open door for it. I have been enjoying this beautiful adventure since day 1.

Unexpected provision. At this day and age, who will give a car (actually a minivan) for free??!! Mid-year, we were given an old model of Toyota Liteace for free. And that’s just one of the many many times that God met us through our needs. God’s provisions were provided in the most unexpected ways and that when we felt like we just had enough, it multiplied.

Unexpected pregnancy. Daniel and I planned to have our second baby when Judah is just about to turn 2. Come July, I was already breastfeeding a 9-month old baby with my body beating in nourishing another one inside my tummy. I casted all my cares and anxieties to God and embraced another pregnancy season second time. Just thinking about this little baby boy’s gifts, talents and potentials excite me!

God has been gracious, loving, faithful, remarkably generous, true, caring, comforting, gentle, majestic, powerful, matchless. I am thankful that though many are the plans in a man’s heart, it is the Lord’s purpose that prevails (Proverbs 19:21). His counsel stands and that is my rock-solid security.

May we all face 2015 with the spirit of boldness that comes from a foundation of trusting our Father in heaven.


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