Back to Life

I am sloooowly going back to writing. It has been almost over 3 months of no posts and excuse me for my excuses- a new baby, a growing toddler, household chores and whatnots. But I guess you always go back to your passion, to what you value and what you truly enjoy doing. As for me, I missed writing. Writing for me is a stress-reliever. My ideas flow naturally as I begin expressing my heart through words. And so I am going back to writing and it feels like hopes & dreams are coming alive along with it. 

I remember when God brought Lazarus from death to life. Death simply means no life, no response, no movement, nothing. And God is the only one who can create something out of nothing. He is able to turn things around for you. When you feel like you’ve come to the end, the only Life you can hold on to is the One who already faced death. Our dreams, hopes, faith can come to life again through Him. 

What is something that you have not done for a while? Maybe it’s time to do it again. Besides, isn’t it during the springtime that seemingly dead, if not dead, things come alive?

*Speaking of new life, meet Alonzo. Our little world-changer. Born February, he made me experience the fastest labor ever, into a normal spontaneous natural birth.  

Yes, that means 2 carseats for us!  
We are now a family of 4!  
More posts to come!!!


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