Love for Outdoors

Back in Manila, we did not have a tv. So I could say that we were raising Judah in a media-free home. For the past 6 months though, I admit we have started Judah on a few Sesame Streets and Veggietales with an hour limit. We still have no plans of giving him the iPad for entertainment. We don’t wanna give him something he cannot control yet at his age. In a media-saturated world, my husband and I have made a decision to raise our children with filtered media and less gadgets. Nothing against tv and iPads but of course, like any other thing, in excess will finally take its toll.

When winter finally said goodbye, we started to discover Judah’s love for the outdoors. At 40-50s Fahrenheit, he would come to me holding his shoes and jacket as his gesture of saying “let’s go outside.” As spring became more sunny, we discovered his love for grass, basketball, running around, airplane-watching and basically anything outdoors.


I cannot wait for summer. I gotta buy some sunblock for this kiddo. I myself found a whole lot of fun outdoors and, definitely found an antidote to a media-saturated world.

I suddenly recall getting my hands muddy and dirty as a child. I would play with lupa (soil), rocks and leaves. Me and my cousins would play piko (hopscotch), taguan (hide and seek) and patintero. We’d be stinky and sweaty with the dirtiest feet ever. Our energy would be so spent that we will just dose off to sleep easily at night.

This is just one of the great articles by Tim Elmore on technology and its long-term effects on the young people. Students nowadays are spending half of their waking hours in screens causing their people skills, social intelligence, resilience, patience and perseverance to decline. (I am sooo following his blog on Growing Leaders). Outdoors is more fun with enormous benefits.

It’s May 1 and the weather cannot deny it! Just wonderful. Happy May 1!


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