Coronado Beach

The moment we stepped sunny San Diego, I have set my heart to going to the beach in the next few weeks. Weeks, not days, talk about relocation with a toddler and a baby and a bare apartment. Some friends managed to bring us to Coronado Island early June and when I saw the place, I knew I was gonna go back in no time.

 I love the idea of herbs, labels and planter boxes.   
 The house (above) literally faces the beach. A gate to the beach or a gate to the house?

  White house and sand. They just go together. 

 My little one getting acquainted with the sand. 

Hotel del Coronado at the back, which by the way has a Starbucks inside. And I say it again, we shall be back.

There are so many places to explore in San Diego. I personally use for a guide, as recommended by a friend, especially for kids’ activities. Family time is priceless. While kids are young, my husband and I decided to have at least one place to visit in a week. Fun is one of my core values that is why I am always excited to build new memories with my favorite people. 

So go out, have fun and get sunkissed by the summer!


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