Waterfront Park 

One of our core values as a family is fun. We value each other’s enjoyment. And so it is becoming a tradition to go outdoors on Fridays, I call Friyays in my instagram, and just have fun as the weekend starts.

Upon doing my research on go-to places where it is kid-friendly AND economical, I came across several parks in San Diego which are highly rated at Yelp. All I can say is- too many places to go…and we have all the time! Moving to San Diego has been a blessing. I know the “moving” part stirs up a bit of hassle or stress, but again, the key is your heart. Are you willing to enjoy? Are you willing to have fun? If your heart is willing, it won’t be too hard to keep calm in moving.

I feel blessed to be in San Diego because, one, it’s just a 4-hour plane ride to Chicago where my parents live, two, Victory San Diego our spiritual family is packed with super warm people & such great people to serve the Lord with, three, it is sooo kid-friendly. Having two growing boys, this for me is important. We could explore a lot of museums, parks, beaches, cafes (that’s for me) and a whole lot more of activities for kids. Even kids eat free on Tuesdays on some restaurants, how cool is that! And though the list is long, we started with Waterfront Park at Pacific Highway.

Here are some snippets for you to enjoy!

My little explorer has that kind of trait. He loves to observe, investigate and look around first and so many things do catch his eye.   
I am not even sure If those are birds or ducks. I gotta do some researching before I teach Judah. But I’m happy that this kiddo isn’t scared of animals, at least for this one that’s harmless. He kept chasing this creature around the park.   
  He was such in a good mood, he didn’t cry on me while I enjoyed the picnic.  There are actually a lot of benches and tables available for you at Waterfront Park. We tried staying under the umbrella for a couple of minutes, hence this photo, but then the breeze was too cool for us to stay under the shade. Best option- grass!

 And a blanket!  

  I love Keen. This pair of Keen sandals can go saltwater too! My sister gave it to Judah as a gift, perfect for adventures.  
    It IS a duck! Look at the webbed feet. 

 We take turns on Judah. Alonzo is not yet cruising yet that’s why it’s “easier” to attend to him. But there’s always the hard part.   
 THIS building reminds me of Chicago. It’s interesting to find a brick building in the middle of downtown San Diego.    
 Waterfront Park has a huge play area aside from the water fountains. But I’d say it is more for older kids, like 4 and up. My son loves monkey bars.    
    Selfie with the “Star of India” at the back, which is the world’s oldest active sailing ship.
  Beautiful! My eyes were beaming with excitement all throughout. I love outdoors. I loved the fresh air and sunshine.  That’s sunset in downtown San Diego for you. Have a happy weekend!


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