Coffee + me-time + mommying

I love cafes. I could stay there whole day just lounging with a book or something to write on, with coffee aroma and not get bored at all! Or I could be chatting with someone. MOST of the memorable moments that I have with my husband were at coffee shops. I was never a coffee lover until I married Daniel, who used to have 3 cups of coffee a day. Now it’s down to two. We both have the dream of becoming coffee connoisseurs, probably grow our own beans or import from somewhere, and manage our own coffee shop.

Yesterday, at coffee o’clock, I was at Intermezzo Espresso, a cozy little cafe at Hazard Center in Mission Valley, San Diego. It is the perfect place for some down-time, no hint of rushing. Just comfy seats and soft music, away from the busyness of the city. I had a 3-hour me-time and wow it was refreshing!


 I have shared about how beneficial me-times can be and to add to that, it is always good to have a short pause from all the toiling and chores of mommying. When we start feeling that parenting is all toiling, we tend to forget how to enjoy it. As for me, I get cranky and impatient. That is perhaps the spirit behind the Sabbath– recharging and restrengthening so we can be more effective in what we are called to do. Though I know that we cannot at all escape motherhood.  After ordering my iced mocha, I opened my journal and found a note from my son which says- “No, you can never escape motherhood.”I was munching Alonzo the other day and enjoying his giggles at the same time, he is ticklish. And my husband told me about how privileged he thinks I am to be able to enjoy Alonzo like this, at this stage. Meaning, aside from writing and chores (though I have a handful), I have nothing else to do but munch my kids. I know sooner or later, I will work outside home and I have so much respect for working moms. I know there is a lot to learn and enjoy in being a working mom. But for now, let me enjoy the perks of being with kiddos 24/7.


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