Imperial Beach, CA

Going to the beach brings out a lot of childhood memories to me. Back in Ilocos where I was born and raised, in the Philippines, beach was just a 10-minute drive from home or even less. Now that we’re in San Diego, with its 70-mile coastline, beach is very accessible and is actually a good option whole year round because of San Diego’s mild weather- most especially summer! We can actually decide the night before, and go to the beach the next day, pack some snacks, extra clothes and swimwear, and in 10 minutes we are at the beach. It is THAT easy. I am a beach person, I love the breeze, sand, ocean and sound of waves. Something I will be working out through the next months would be our own umbrella, banig and cooler. Here are some great shots by my San Diego-based photographer friend Sheryll Go.

We went with our friends who also have kids. We brought some finger foods and were actually laughing at our own Filipino style of bringing food at the beach which would mean sinigang, adobo, rice, etc!
 Imperial beach is about 20 minutes from downtown San Diego. It is clean and safe. Lifeguards are also visible in the area. A lot of surfers too. The water remains cool even if it’s very sunny. Around 7pm, the breeze gets really cool and it would be too cold to stay by the shore without a sweater.

There is a lot more to explore in the vast coastline of San Diego. For now my favorite would be Coronado Beach probably because of Hotel del Coronado and my fascination still for Coronado Island. I know there’s a lot more to see. My friends would also recommend Torrey Pines, La Jolla and Mission beaches. Well, summer days ain’t over yet. What have you been exploring this summer? If you’re heading to the beach, don’t forget your sunblock!


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