Real “faith goals”

By now you are most likely done with setting your faith goals for the year. But are those really faith goals? I hope it is not something that’s easily achieved by human effort. Believe for the impossible. Maybe it’s something that you’ve given up on, just because circumstances won’t allow.

My heart celebrates right now as I sit in the living room listening to the sound of continuous rain. In San Diego.


Last year I learned that rain in San Diego would be funny or unusual. I have seen “Southern Californians be like…” videos in Youtube regarding how they respond to rain. Practically because they’re not used to it.
In the news today are winter storms with a 5-day continuous rainfall in San Diego County. They describe it as strange and weird. For many, it is an answered prayer. Only the Lord knows how. But we know we need it. California has been in drought for the past years.

You MUST believe for something impossible, so then you’ll believe it is ONLY the Hand of GOD who did it.

So what is that one impossible thing (or you can list your top 3) that you know that only the Lord can do, this year?


One thought on “Real “faith goals”

  1. Thanks for this blog Ate. My faith has been stretched to believe for the impossible!
    Here’s a list of what I’ve come up with…
    1. Pass UP Med
    2. Salvation and Discipleship of my brothers
    3. To have my own VG in Victory Urdaneta

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