Two weeks ago, I was given the privilege to speak to women youth leaders of my home church Victory Malate during a breakout session at a camp held in Laguna. It was purposed to be a teaching time about the challenges a young woman leader would face regarding specific issues. One word that we tackled that I plan to expound more on (as it still resonates in my heart) is predecisions.

Predecisions, obviously, are decisions you (need to) make prior to the circumstance. 

Just a thought. When God commanded Adam that they were not to eat the fruit from the tree of knowledge and evil, he could have predecided with his wife not to do so. I picture creating a fence around it with barbed wires & probably putting a sign BAWAL KAININ, NAKAMAMATAY. Of course, the story went the other way and it goes on through the redemptive story of Jesus. The point is, having predecisions would help us walk in wisdom & godliness through the grace that God abundantly provides.

Understand that there are MANY things we cannot control. But there are also unlikely situations which were only results from our poor decisions. And I hope that when we are facing a consequence of an unwise decision, we repent (if it is sin, a moral issue) and turn away from that sin and humbly ask God for grace to say no to it. 

Predecisions, precaution, guard rails. Choose to live not with the minimum requirement, which means you’re living so close to sinning that you say “O God basta hindi ako nag-sisin ha.” Unwise decisions are edge-y (no such word but allow me). You’re too close to the edge that you wake up one day and you’re already walking on the other side.

My mentors have taught me a lot about predecisions and I’d like to share some of them. When I was still single, I predecided not to date a guy who is not a Christ-follower. In my heart, I also predecided that if ever I would marry, I would like to be in a relationship with a man who has a continuous pursuit of God & a genuine relationship with Him, and someone who has the qualities of a leader, both loving and strong enough to lead a strong-willed woman like me, and someone who has almost if not the same beliefs, convictions & passions. Thankfully we agree on most things except between Dolce Amore and World War II.

When I got married, Daniel and I came up with a list of predecisions. One of which is “No walk-outs when having an argument.” It has helped us endure each other in the heat of discussions and taught us to settle issues without prolonging unnecessary heartaches and emotions.

I am still in the process of making my LOOOONG list of predecisions and now that I have children where discipline is inevitable AND vital, I predecide not to shout or raise my voice when they mess around. I have failed previously. But my hope is in the Lord and may I remain calm and quiet in the spirit when it’s time to discipline them. It would be hard especially amidst a sea of torn toilet papers (or shall I predecide to keep the toilet papers out of children’s reach instead?). I would not want my children to grow with calloused hearts because of mom’s shouting. Besides, how can I teach repsect to them if I shout? I know that this predecision will produce beautiful results. I’m excited. 

What predecisions do you need to make today? Make ’em boldly, write them too. 

*Sorry if my blog is sabog or kalat or unorganized, I just got back to writing. 


One thought on “Predecisions. 

  1. A couple of days ago, I saw from my “on this day” on facebook that I shared a post of yours around 4-5 years ago. Your writing has always been far and beyond “sabog” or “kalat.” ❤️

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