Mentoring: It’s Both Organic + Intentional

As a woman, we all need mentors in different areas of our lives. Example, beauty, finances, faith, family, parenting and many more. I strongly recommend having a mentor in each and every season of our lives. If you don’t have a mentor yet, don’t worry, ask God to bring you one plus deliberately and intentionally look for one. Mentoring is relationship, as discipleship is relationship.

For me, mentoring is both organic and intentional.

Organic because any relationship that is nurtured naturally grows. No shortcuts, no pretensions.

Intentional because there is a set goal to learn from a person. Ask boldly for a time when you can spend with the mentor.

How can you be mentored?

– Be willing. Absorb every grain of truth and impartation. Be ready to receive.

– Be available. Grab the opportunities.

– Be secure. God has created you differently. You may not be exactly the same as your mentor but God is teaching you something one way or another.

*Extra Smart Tip: Boldly ask questions. Wag ipilit kung wala. But if you have one, go ahead. No one has died out of asking a question, at least there’s none that I know of. (smiley)

Ate Mye has been my mentor for such a loooooooong time such that God has blossomed our relationship from mentor-mentoree to a genuine & sincere friendship. We don’t get to meet that often anymore but we have plans of meeting up regularly soon with other women for mentoring. She’s just one of the mentors I have who can speak in my life and help me in my walk with God.:)

Any extra tip for those who want to be mentored??? Share your thoughts.


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